How can I keep my notes safe online without even opening browser?

post wordpress without login
Today I want to discuss  a new way to publish on your embeddedfunda blog .
You can publish from a tiny free gnome software from your ubuntu/linux machine.
  • For it one needs to download  a free gnome software called leknoee gnome from ‘ubuntu software centre’ .
  • Then on toolbar Edit->preferences->add
  • Enter your registered mail ,embeddedfunda password,Other service & url
  • It will then fetch all categories ,rest is easy just write a post & publish. Please ensure that you have “Comments Allowed” checked.You can always add tags when you login the next time.
Now no need even to open your browser to keep your notes safe online 🙂
I am writing this post from lekhonee-gnome.Please share your thoughts & what other ways you want to post on your blog?
Linux command line posting & android app are some I can think of, any others?

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