Tutorial to post in wordpress website

This is my first tutorial for all editors & contributors explaining the brief process for posting in the website.


Step 1:


www.embeddedfunda.com/wp-admin(if you are contributing to this website)

Enter Your Username , Password  and  Login.


Step 2:

Control dashboard will appear

Then left panel

Posts->Add New

Enter Title

Enter Content

Select a category(from right bottom panel)

Give lots of tags in right bottomeparated with comma(very useful for increasing traffic).

If appropriate category is unavailable then add new category


Step 3:(If you dont want to give any code or file to reader skip this step)

To upload some example or code for users

Click on

Add Media->Upload Files->Browse and select file->Open.

Now enter the title of the file in right panel.

Close this dialog box.

Now when you want to enter the hyperlink to this download

Again click

Add Media->Select  the uploaded file->Enter tile->Insert Into Post

Your download hyperlink will appear.

Step 4:

Click Publish On upper right panel.

Done 🙂

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