What is best 32bit arm board to buy?


Recently I was aked on quora this question

What is best 32bit arm board to buy?

Many of young enthusiastic engineers and hobbyists feel like buying a ARM board to get the feel of development, here I have quoted my answer to the question which might help you as well.

It really depends what you want to do with it.
Some of boards I can think right now are:
Raspbeery Pi:
Preety cheap and nice board for starters,ARM cortex V7.
If you get old raspberry pi B or B+ it has a Broadcom 2835 with single core whereas new one raspi 2 comes with a stunning 4 core 2836 processor & a built in GPU (OpenGLES2.0).It comes approx @ INR 2500
PS:You can port latest win10 embedded on it.
Beagle Board Black:
Ti AM355 series cortex A8 processor,512 MB of RAM and a floating point processor.
You can even port ubuntu or android on it.
Cheap & Great community support.  It comes  at approx 5000 INR.
Arduino Due:
It is relatively simple to get started with but still if you really want to learn I wont recommand an arduino. It come below INR 2000
It is for bare metal programming and not for porting huge operating systems on it.
If you want really higher processing speeds then you have to look into more sofisticated processors like freescale iMX6 .
This is automobile grade processor with  a vivante GPU.
Some hobbists boards for this processors are Wandboard,nirogen6x,iMX6 Rex board but these are high end boards and nearly a single board computer in itself.
If you are just starting out with ARM boards,I would recommand to go with Raspberry Pi 2.
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